Gutter maintenance is one of the things that homeowners often overlook. However, by installing gutter, you will be able to prevent your home from getting moisture. Because gutter works silently, it does not mean that you should not inspect it.

You must know if your system can hold up the heavy rainfalls. And, when your gutter system becomes unable to work correctly, it delivers the signs that are as given below:

  1. Irreparable Leaks

    The small cracks and holes cause your gutters to leak. These cracks may be easy to repair, but if you find the leaks require more than repair then consider installing the new gutter.

  2. Pooling Water

    Walk around the ground of your premises, especially after rain rainfall. If you detect the pools of water near your foundation, it means there are significant leak or overflow in your gutters. Moreover, pooling beside and behind the downspouts is a sign for new system installation.

  3. Discoloration, Rot & Peeling Under Gutters

    Check your home exterior under the whole run of your gutter system, if you can see discoloration, rot and peeling on the surface found under your gutters. In the case of apparent damages, you have to consider replacing the gutter.

  4. Sagging Or Uneven Gutter Line

    The easier way to determine your gutter condition is finding the sags and pull away from the edges of your roof. Remember, a less obvious sag is enough to understand the more significant underlying problem.

  5. Mildew In The Basement

    Mildew in your basement is evident that spillage from your gutter is seeping through the exterior foundation. Smelly mildew growth can impact the health of family members.

If your comprehensive inspection has found that you need new gutter installation, then call us at Manada Roofing, Inc. Our team of skilled and experienced roofers in the Bay Area provide quality and affordable gutter installation services to our residential and commercial clients.